It’s interesting to watch the healthcare industry continue to become digitally enhanced. What is even more exciting is to watch as mobile applications strive to make your health information easier to obtain. There are plenty of apps that can log and track your fitness goals and dietary needs, but what about applications that can monitor your cholesterol, blood sugar, heart rate and more? Patient O, an application that can be used both through mobile application or desktop is designed to do all this. Not only can it help keep track of your healthcare needs, but it bridges the gap between you and your healthcare provider by making that information readily available at all times.

With one platform, you’ve now made your care plan available for friends, family and your healthcare provider, allowing support and improvement whenever needed, wherever needed.  The application works by first getting an invite from your healthcare provider, once the invite is sent you will either access the application by inputting an access code or entering through an email invite. Download the app on your desktop or smart phone and create your account. The application is completely secure and the information you choose to share with each individual is under your discretion.

Another application that is helping revolutionize healthcare apps is Apple Health. Apple Health allows you to store health data such as, heart rate, calories burned, blood sugar, and cholesterol and have the information available in one location. You can simultaneously track all of your health goals and fitness goals from a locked screen and see your day to day health accomplishments. If you are using an Apple device, when the screen is locked with either a passcode or Touch ID the information of your health data is encrypted. Similar to Patient O, Apple Health has developed HealthKit, which works to provide your health information to your doctors when you see fit.

Both Patient O and Apple Health have worked to make it easier to be a healthier you. The applications make you aware of health problems and give you the ability to fix those issues by monitoring them on the go, daily. In addition to monitoring these issues yourself, you can also have a support system through your family, friends and healthcare provider.  High blood pressure, high cholesterol and proper nutrition are just a few issues that people struggle with daily. Now those issues can be right in front of you so you can see what positive changes you need to make for a healthier lifestyle.